On the 6th of February.  

Posted by soreal

While applying mascara at around 11AM last Monday, the 6th of February, I felt my room shake. I initially thought it was the doing of a huge truck passing by the area. But it was impossible because my place isn’t near any road where a truck big enough to cause ground tremors can pass by.

When I realized what was going on, my insides started to cringe. I’ve never felt an earthquake of that magnitude before. It was so strong that I didn’t only feel the ground moving, I heard it too. It was the sound of big boulders being rubbed against each other.

I wasn’t all that scared because I felt secure where I was. I was in my room, on my bed. It’s a single-story structure inside a residential compound within the heart of Cebu, so there’s no real danger. I stayed calm despite the panicked shriek of the neighbor’s house help. If I were anywhere inside a big building though when it happened, I don’t think I’d be that composed.

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I have suffered earthquake in my childhood, that's was terrible.