Catching Up!!!  

Posted by soreal

Finally, after 8 nagging phone calls to their customer service hotline and 3 actual visits to their office, Smartbro got us our internet connection back. I was so nonplussed at why it took so long to tansfer the connection to our new place. Geezus, it has been 1 month and all the while I felt so incomplete and sick of being cut off from blogging. I was even angry at times, almost blaming dada for it.

Well anyway, I say let bygones be bygones! There is so much I have to write about and I can't begin to imagine where to start. So much happened without me taking tabs of it. Now I have to rely on my rusty memory for the telling.

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welcome back to blogging world again.
Thanks for visiting blog.
happy sunday

yeah, welcome back A!
my smartbro relocation was fast though. i was the one who removed the equipment from our place and just waited for 2 days to have the techs come over.

i have internet na rin! hehe.

Maayong gabii, SoReal. I thought it was depressing waiting a week to get my DSL started. LOL. I do think it sad to hear how unimpressed companies are by our desire for good service.

I will say, I am glad you are back to blogging.